Want your pet to stop dragging you down the road? Let us help you, we will have your pet walking beside you not in front of you. Your pet will be looking at you for direction not you getting drug down the road. Are you embarrassed for people to come over because your pet is barking uncontrollably and trying to escape out the door when company arrives? Your pet will sit and stay quietly after training with us and be the perfect gentleman and lady when company arrives. We can help make your pet an enjoyable part of your family.

We offer obedience training, behavior modification, socialization, crate training, and one on one training. We also offer board and train, boarding and hunting retriever training. We will customize training to your needs. We serve Waycross, Brunswick, St. Simmons, Savanah, Statesboro, Valdosta Georgia, Atlanta Georgia, Macon Georgia and Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Ferndina Beach Florida. Dog training, k9 training, obedience, behavior modification.

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*******A recent testimonial from customer*****

I’m sure you remember; I rescued him from his previous owners as they couldn’t find him another home. I have had dogs for many years, but it was apparent from the beginning, I didn’t have the expertise he needed. He showed a sweet personality that said he could be a different dog, but his aggressive behavior leaving him untrustworthy as a pet, also left few options for his future. I appreciate the time and work you and your son put in to give Merlin a much better life. You reversed the dead-end path he was on and gave him the ability to live a good life. When I picked him up after spending time with you, your advice to be firm and not let him take the alpha role with me was needed for only a short time. He tries me less as time goes on. His demeaner has transformed from high strung and self-protective to a loving young dog that stays under my feet. Now he basically just exhibits the busy behavior of a young energetic golden retriever. I have successfully held him still to apply medication and I could not have done this before he spent time at Southern Pine Kennels. I wish you much success as you have a special gift to bring out the best in man’s best friend! Rick Caldwell Darien, GA

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Kuranda Dog Beds

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